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Well balanced nutrition is a daily part of the Happy Elephant program. Menus are planned and posted weekly. We serve a morning snack, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Our menus are planned with a focus on whole foods, fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. All of our food is prepared in our on-site kitchens.
Food is served to meet the dietary requirements of children according to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program. There are excellent resources for learning more about dietary guidelines at
We have annual food service training for all of our staff. Our meal service information is included in your new enrollment Welcome Packet.


Infant parents may choose to use our formula and/or baby food, or provide your own from home. We feed infants on-demand, and at regular times of the day depending on age and feeding schedule. We begin to introduce solid foods when the parents start and notify the center. Daily reports notify parents of their child’s daily food intake.
For breastfeeding mothers, we provide private space to nurse or pump.

Toddler & Up

Children are served family style with adults seated with the children. All meals and snacks are served to all enrolled and present.

Allergy Substitutions

All of our centers are peanut-free. Substitutions are available for any other food allergy. To ensure your child’s substitution is available, a food substitution form must be on file with us stating the food to be substituted and signed by the child’s pediatrician.

Nutrition Education

We incorporate education about nutrition at mealtime. For example; if oranges are being served we talk about what color they are, that they are fruit, and where and how they grow.